Give to our athletes

Amateur athletes that compete at a national or

international level face not only a rigorous training

and competition schedule but also the challenge

of raising their own financial support.

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When I donate, where does my money go?

IAAF is all about maximizing the amount of your donation. It is our goal to achieve 100% of your donation will go directly to the athlete or team of your choice. They will use your generous gift to fund competition fees, travel to national and international competitions, and training equipment.

How can I donate to an athlete or team?

Scroll through our Athletes area of the site. You can donate to an athlete, their team, or the entire sport category. Funds are distributed equally to team members or equally to all registered athletes within a sport category.

Where are your athletes located?

We support only US athletes. As you can see in the Athletes area of the site, they are residents across the states and train at facilities across the US or at international locations.

Which sports are eligible?

All sport categories recognized by the United States Olympic Committee are eligible to register and use the services of our site. As the Committee adds or deletes sport categories we will follow their lead.


To provide a method for amateur athletes to receive 100% of a donor’s gift.

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